ZTechnologies Corporation - World Leaders in Corrosion Protection
Technical Service

We believe our customers are our greatest asset. Our goal is to support our customers and be a partner, not just a supplier. At Z Tech, we try to make it as simple as possible for our clients to work with us. 

Services we offer include, but are not limited to: inventory storage, inventory management, on-site training for your personnel, and field technicians to service any concerns or quality issues.  

Z Tech 24/7 Technical Service Program and Unmatched Service
Z Tech offers unparalleled in-house service and assistance. Our goal is to become your partner and team member to solve your corrosion protection issues and industrial coating needs.

Z Tech Elite Lab and Chemist Service
Our company was founded on the commitment of offering the most durable and effective corrosion protection and rust prevention products on the market. We have a state of the art laboratory testing facility and the most demanding paint technology testing program in the industry. Every product is designed and tested to meet each buyer’s needs. We can test, analysis and make anything our customers bring to us. 

Z Tech Unique Equipment/Operations Support
One of the most important aspects of rust prevention is the application system and Z Tech has hands-on technicians to walk you through this process.

Z Tech helps design and install the proper application system for your needs. Our staff supports system startup, training and on-going monitoring of your industrial coating operation.

Z Tech’s staff averages 10 years of experience designing and operating application systems for users all over the world.