ZTechnologies Corporation - World Leaders in Corrosion Protection


Z Shield® 
  • Paints and hard dry coatings  
  • Automotive Direct to Metal Protective Liquid Coatings
  • Automotive Approvals applied to steering and brake components, Nexteer, ZF, Bridgestone
  • Chassis and underbody components
  • Large Truck steering components PACCAR
  • 2K Intermodal and 1 K ASTM 780
  • Transport Coating: short-term removeable

Z Guard® 
  • Softer, metal overbased sulphonates, asphalts, applied to chassis components of Semi Trailer, Package Vans, Commercial Vehicles
  • Provides hundreds of cycles protection to SAE J2721 J2334
  • Single sourced by some fleets for all rolling stock: UPS
  • King Pin weld protection
  • Large truck component protection: Freightliner
  • Small pull behind utility trailers

Municipal Pipe and Potable Water Components Protection
  • Applied by dip, flow coat, and spray
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 ®

Oil and Gas Discovery Coatings
  • Pipe Protect ™ Applied to discovery drill pipe (distributed by Sherwin Williams)
  • Applied to syntactic foam for deep water risers (adheres above and below 5000 feet)

Altraseal ®, Boreseal™, BoteTite®
  • Fastener and bore sealant coatings
  • Applied to seals of bores of large engines and transmissions

Barge Guard® and Bargeliner®
  • Applied to buoyancy tanks of large steel barges: protects from bacterial and corrosion attack
  • Specified by large fleets for new builds.

Railcar Coatings
  • Z Shield ®
  • Direct-to-Metal one coat durable coatings
  • Primer Top Coat for Autoracks
  • CSX, Norfolk Southern, [TTX (pending) ] approvals
  • Specialty coatings for very hot 800F and very cold -100F service

Medical Coatings
  • Anti-Thrombogenic Primers

Automotive after-market sealants, protectives, cleaners